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Kao - Essential Purify Care Shampoo 700ml - 3 T...
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Brand from Japan: Kao. Watery 0% silicone, protect hair moisture 4 times water lock x natural repair Weightlessly Smooth Quick Dry Airy formula Effective to reduce tangled hair and also add airy feeling to hair. No flat hair top, while hair tip does not tangle. Hair become distinctly separated, when hair dryer lightly blow, air pass through hair. Make hair easy to dry, save 20% of the hair blowing time, and protect hair from heat and friction. Deep Cleansing Care Long-lasting oil control formula Intensively deep cleansing the excessive oil. Retain scalp and hair oil & water balance, long time control oil. Hair root is fresh and without stickiness, hair end not dry. Hair can keep moisture and smooth always. Anti Dandruff Highly effective lock moisture anti-dandruff formulation Contains Piroctone Olamine which is an active anti-dandruff ingredient that effectively remove dandruff, prevent itchy. After use, scalp can keep refresh and moisturized, no more dandruff problem. How to use: Apply Essential Anti-dandruff & moisturizing shampoo, and then rinse off by water. Using Essential conditioner together everyday could have better effect.

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